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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Good day folks!!!!! So last week was bad news week. This week is looking good so far. First of all, apparently I was dead wrong about both of my exams. I thought that I had bombed both of them, but as it turns out, I rocked an 89% and an 85%.....Pretty solid marks I must say.......

Secondly, in 4 weeks time I will be on my way to Orlando Florida.......Spending 10 days with Jules and her family in a rented house that holds a games room complete with foos ball, pool, darts and card tables for poker....Also with the house comes a pool and hot tub combo. Solid. For 3 days we will be touring Disney where I will be meeting up with Mickey and his crew for the first time.....Also during this time I will be attending Cirque fe Solei, and playing a round of golf or two with Howie (Jules' dad). Coming back on the 8th of January, I will be flying for the first time ever.......STOKED....I just hope these dudes aren't piloting my plane......

Oh and last but not least....My LEAFS are on a two game win streak.....Which in reality should be 3 but they got robbed of a for sure goal on Friday night.....Brutal!!!! Anyway, stop in soon for another update......Thanks for visiting again

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ok so, its been about a year since I have updated due to the fact that all the free time I have had in the past 2 weeks has been spent sleeping, or studying for exams. I wrote the finals for A+ hardware and A+ software this week, and wow let me tell you I could have wrote them without studying......BECAUSE OUR STUDY SHEETS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE EXAMS......bitter.........Anyway, this week was an especially bad one.....
First was the exams. I'm pretty sure that I passed both, but didn't do nearly as well as I have been.

Second, the NEON went into the shop for a brand new steering rack...and......$820 later she drives like she's brand new again....Thank you D-M Repairs for a job well done.

The day that I paid for my car repair, I was informed by my current employer that my future is not bright. I am being replaced by an internal employee, and might I say that the timing on this one was just swell!!!! Not only did I just drop over $1000 on my car, but hey.........ya thats right, Christmas is in 4 I was told that they would keep me around for an extra few weeks so that I would have a paycehck coming in, but theres nothing like having the finding a job stress during the holidays, and its not like everyone has already done their Christmas hiring.......... So I am very much so looking forward to my trip to Florida with the lovely Julia Gulia and her family to just get away.......So I just got some pics tonight from my buddy Lee, who owns a power scooter......You know, the ones you see Grandma and Grandpa Johnson riding around on the roads with the orange triangles on the back. Multiplebeers+power scooter= hours of fun......The pics area a little dark because nobody was in any shape to be artistic or accurate with a digital camer. Anyway, just thought I would share my week with you, and it looks like I may have more time in the near future for updating my blog.....Too bad I don't get paid for it......Thanks for visiting Cochranetown.....Call again.......

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Todays entry is dedicated to Mike "Dave Grohl" Gruggen.....I just finished reading his blog, and rather than responding in a comment, I felt that there was too much to write, so here goes:

For the past 10 years, I have had the pleasure of watching many gigs performed by Capgun/Shoegazer/The spyes. For 10 years I have only missed one show, and only because I was working for that show. I have supported everything about the band. I've watched them play at the Wick many times, the Richmond plenty, the Embassy, and Oh yes the battle of the bands at Old Chicagos..........All great shows, all shows were set up by the band themselves...........Now we have a "manager" in the picture......Now, not to say that I have anything against Adam the manager, but who the fuck shows up at a rock show to watch their buddies rock out on stage in a suit??? Lets get real here.....This isn't fucking Hollywood. For the first time ever I was dissapointed in the show that the SPyes put on........Every show that I have seen has been a spectacle of musical talent in which all band members took turns playing the instruments......singing, and generally having a good time....This time around we were treated to a 40 minute show, that could have gone on all night if certain people would have agreed to play a few covers.........What the fuck is wrong with a few covers??? Nobody said anything about playing NO SPYES ORIGINAL MATERIAL!!!!! After talking to the party involved (Jason Cahill) I was informed that he was angry that they were not going to be paid for additional stage time.........Paid for additional stage should be paying to be put on stage my friend....If I had what you guys had, and I had an offer to sing a few extra songs, I would be on it like a fat kid on a cupcake......I agree with Grohl 100%.....It should be about getting on stage and rocking out with your friends. Most of the people that come to watch you could care less about what you are playing. None of us pay to see you, so why should you be paid in the first place? Stage time is a blessing in the world of music, and if you want to be heard and sign that coveted "record deal" than you need to take shows when they are offered...........All these years of watching you guys, and being with you for all of your shows, it has never been about money.....I remember the good old Richmond days when you were pumped to get $50 and some free pitchers of beer.....What happened? Now that you are strictly business, a fun night with the band and friends needs to be funded? Ridiculous..........When you playa show at the JLC, and Sandbox is your opening act then maybe you will be happy........Only problem is, if you turn down gigs because they are not offering you enough money, you'll never get that gig at the JLC.....or the fucking Molson Centre in Montreal..................Dave Grohl, you should start your own band man, and I'll come watch. I can't play any instruments, but if I could I would be up there with you rocking out for your friends who have supported you 100% since you joined the band..........otherwise, I'll be standing front and centre hammered yelling YOU ROCK GROHL!!!!!!! Just remeber that when your friends ask you when your next gig is, you tell them that your band is holding out.......In my experience watching sports, all of the people who hold out on their team, lose the most respect. Lets think about what rock and roll is about and get our heads out of our asses...........
I was thinking of having a birthday party this year, and having the SPYES play at it.....Unfortunately, I'm not sure if management will allow that, and I'm sure as hell not offering any maybe I'll just play some CDs instead.....thats what they would do at a bar isnt it??

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Determination.......Thats what its all about.....So I entered into week 2 of my school/work life. I must say that I am quite proud of myself for keeping the drive alive....I'm beat like a redheaded stepchild, but I'm still givin' er....Passing tests, doing projects, all that good stuff....Luckily the border was closed down on Thursday night because our Customs agents were bitchy about not carrying guns. That gave me a chance to catch up on some labs. I haven't had much time to add to the blog except for on weekends. It sucks, but I'm a busy boy...........SO not a whole hell of a lot happened this week due to the massive workload, but I did happen to come across a few links A La Paul Barnes......I give 100% credit to Paul, who gave me something to pee my pants about at work with these puppies.....The duelling Icons, Wacko Jacko, and The duelling banjos

So to that, I will leave you and hopefully have some more stizzuff for you tomorrow. I make my coaching debut tonight for Julia Gulia's hockey team against the woolwich mennonites........Kinda want to take some pics but that might be frowned upon.......until tomorrow....

By the way, I am thinking of holding an annual leg volleyball tourney........all interested, apply here:

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Word!!!! So it's been a while, and I haven't had much time to update, but here I am on Wednesday night. I have decided not to go to school tomorrow because I need to get some much needed studying and homework done. I started my new job at Ryder Logistics on Monday and am quite fond of it. Its not the greatest job in the world but it keeps me busy and pays decent. I have my own office where I sit and listen to tunes all night while doing paperwork. During off time I can do homework, surf the net, or whatever. Its pretty much the most laid back job I have ever had, but there is alot of work. So my parents have finally completed the month long move. Our house has been vacated and they are starting to settle in niceley to their new Condo. Here are some pics of the finishing touches on the old house at 575 Creston.

As you all know Monday was Hallowe'en. Well...... I missed it because I was working till midnight. Fortunately for me, I had my sister Vicki take some pics of my nephew, Noah. I gotta say, he's the cutest little pumpkin around. Even if his hat doesn't match his outfit. Does he look 15 months old??? Ya thats what I thought.....He's gonna be a big boy just like his popps!!

On a musical note, I have been loving the new Dallas Green album, The City and the Colour. Check it out if you have the chance. Also, I missed the coveted Prison Break on Monday so I'm hoping my brother in-law taped it for me........fingers crossed. Well, back to the homework scene for me, thanks for visiting again...... Why do town signs say that???? Call again........shouldn't it be come again??? dah well whatever....Peace