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Friday, May 12, 2006

Good day folks! Been a while since my last post but I have been pretty busy with work lately. As most of you know it is the year of the Underdog in the NHL playoffs. I love this. So far most of the regulars are being weeded out by teams like Anaheim, Buffalo and Edmonton. I'm not sure if Edmonton is going to make it past this round (sorry Neiles and Quiggs) but you have to admit that San Jose does look strong and deserves it after a great season. At this point I think I might even be cheering for them to go all the way. If not the Sharks, my money is on Buffalo.

For those of you that watch Prison Break, you know that it is finally happening. The guys are finally breaking out and at the same time the story is developing even more which is great to here. Season 3 should be exciting but I don't know if it will bring the edge of your seat intensity that the last 2 seasons have brought us. We shall soon see. Theres nothing like waiting 3 months for that show to come back on but theres nothing we can do.

Last but not least I will give you a little time waster to help you get through that long boring day at the office. I will warn you that some sites are not 100% work friendly, and some sites are also offensive. Keep your speakers at a low level because there is sound for each site. All you have to do is hit refresh and you will go to a new page. The page is called "You the man now dog!" Which is spawned from the original site found here .

Oh, and by the way. This guy will get laid by this girl if 500, 000 people go here........Help him out.


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