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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Well ladies and Gents, the big day has come and gone. An amazing day, but that is day. All that planning and all that stress for one day?? It was worth it though. the day went off without a hitch. My bride looked gorgeous, her girls did too (not as) The weather held out, the dinner was great. All in all, a solid day. Its wierd, but its unfortunate that you only get to do this once. Its like those great movies that you have to watch a second and third time just to pick up on things that you missed the first time around. The day becomes a blur as most of you married people out there already know. The honeymoon......thats another entry. I'll leave you with some pics of our day...Enjoy


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Well....There are officially 12 days until I become a married man......There's no turning back now....Just kidding. I am completely happy with my decision. Although Julia has done almost 98% of the planning, it is still one of the most stressful times in a man's life. 5 days from now I will be having my stag party which should be a shit show. I've been told I will be pushed around in a wheelbarrel by the end of the night. If you haven't been contacted to join in on the festivities, give myself or my brother-law mike a call. You can call me for the number...859-0697

For now, I will leave you with the shtuff I have come across on my almost finished run of nights. 3 more nights and I have 6 days off!!

Check out "The Phone"

Here's a little game. Kinda like choose your own adventure. Draw the path for the dude to get to the path. Stupid and boring but if you are not doing anything at work you will find time for it.

Check this guy out. Full band by himself. Sounds like old school Atari at some parts

Friday, October 27, 2006

Its time to play a game! See if you can guess who these faces are. Each person is a rock and roll icon, see if you can guess who it is!! Answer from 1 - 4. There will be more.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hey kids, I'm back on nights so I may have a little more time to do some blogging. Not much has happened since my last post. Been spending as much time as I can back home with Jules and her mom. Jules is back playing hockey and Cocks is the bench boss when he can make it back. Actually I just open doors and yell word of encouragement. they wouldn't listen to me anyway. So being on nights means being able to find the random stuff on the net. For anybody that like the Miller Lite commercials, I have the site for you..

"Whats next? i can't do this?"

On another note: 4 weeks until the big day. Jules and I are getting married! I'm pretty excited, even though we won't be living together for a bit. Can't to see everyone there looking all dressed and pressed. Anyway, I'm gonna get back to work. Hopefully be back soon with another post. Cochrane...OUT

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

1948 - 2006

Last Saturday Julia lost her father. Howard had been battling a disease called Idio-Pathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Pulmonary Fibrosis is a lung disease that createscauses scar tissue in the lungs which in time depleats fuction and capacity of the lungs. He needed a lung transplant. Howard was diagnosed almost 6 years ago and up until last year he played his 53rd year of hockey with the Belmont Oldtimers........Very strong and determined.
He kept playing golf up until this passed summer. He had to quit that too. Howard had been put on oxygen and was told to take a break from the golf. I've been with Julia for almost 4 years now. Her dad was one of the most positive, stand-up guys I have ever met. No matter how bad of a day he was having, he would always be positive and humorous. I was never in a bad mood around him, nobody could be. He would bring a smile to anyones face the first time meeting him because of his genuine heart. At his wake this past week, over 907 people passed through to pay their respects to him and his family. Thats how many people who's lives he touched...and more. Its times like these that you really re-evaluate who you are and the relationships you have with your own family. It gives you a chance to look at what is important, and how easily it can be taken away. I'll miss you Howard..And I will take care of your little girl.

Please sign your donour cards....

Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm back from the "Great White North" and wish I never left. Its always a good trip whenever we go up year. It was the same routine everyday. Wake up at 7:30, eat breakfast, fishing at nine then its beers from 11-5, dinner and fishing again at 6. Beers follow fishing until whenever you start to pass out. Such a relaxing beautifil atmosphere. Its just too bad that its so far away. This is a picture that I have wanted to take for 4 years, and since Jules and I drove ourself up this year I finally got to take it.

This year I got to learn how to clean fish.......All I can say is that is an artform. If your not hacking up the good meat while taking the bones out, you are leaving meat on the bones. By the end of the week I was good to go though. Anyway, its moving time next weekend. Moving into a house in Waterloo and am pretty excited about it. It'll be the first time I move away from the old L town. Something new, something different. I will miss my Jules when I'm there but I'll be coming home every other weekend. I'll leave you with some pics of the Northern escape. Not many pics were taken because the beer was in my camera hand........

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Well its that time of year again. On Friday the lovely Julia and myself are embarking on our Northern adventure. Every year her mom's extended family rents cabins on Lake Temiskaming for a fishing extravaganza. Days are spent fishing on a boat on one of the prettiest lakes in Ontario, while nights are spent partying around the campfire. Sambucca is thed drink of choice and we fill our glasses and sip it all night long. I missed out on last years trip because I had to work, but this year with my new job I was able to book it off early. Thanks RIM!! Anyway, I will provide some pics when I return. Hopefully I will stay motivated to post more than 4 times a year.

The countdown is on!!!!! On August 21, the greatest show on television returns for its second season. This should be an interesting season seeing as they will have to change up the sets a little. It will no longer primarily by in a prison. I hope they don't disappoint and look forward to my Monday night vigil.